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Blood for Power

Scott James

One man. One tower apocalypse. One year to escape before everyone dies.

For Lucas, it came as quite a shock when he woke up to find the world had ended. The System had taken over and transformed his apartment building into a 100-floor dungeon tower of traps, monsters, and loot. The residents have just one year to reach the ground floor and escape before the tower self-destructs.

That’s his first problem.

The second is that he slept through the System’s welcome orientation and class selection process, so the System picked a class for him. Lucas is now a Blood Reaver. A class based on speed, ferocity, and striking from the shadows. He’s expected not just to defeat his enemies but to slaughter them and bathe in their blood. Their blood is now his power.

Outraged at being invaded, Lucas vows to grow stronger and take back his world.

He will carve a bloody path to the very pinnacle of power.

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Book 2


Coming 5/22/24

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