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 About The Company 

Founded in late 2020 by Lorne Ryburn and Silas Sontag, Timeless Wind Publishing, LLC is an up-and-coming indie publishing house. We love sci-fi and fantasy—progression fantasy, power fantasy, LitRPG, time loops, cultivation, system apocalypse... genre fiction of all kinds! We're prolific readers within these genres and endeavor to bring awesome books into the limelight.


We look forward to helping authors (aspiring and published alike) develop and expand an audience of readers who believe in their vision.

Our logo is an exotic cat from a Palmyrene ruin. The word along its back roughly translates to, "Alas!" or "What a shame!" This word is present on all gravestones in Palmyra. It's a recognition that all things come to an end...even the best people and stories. Alas!

We hope our readers will have "alas" moments when they finish our books.

 Lorne Ryburn 

Lorne (also known online as caerulex) is an avid reader who strives to write the kinds of stories she would like to read. Besides web serials, her favorite series tend toward grimdark fantasy, such as The Broken Empire Trilogy by Mark Lawrence and The Acts of Caine by Matthew Woodring Stover. The Menocht Loop is her second book series, which she began after publishing Apex Predator as an online web serial.

When she isn’t writing, Lorne enjoys time spent with loved ones and traveling the world. She spends her days as an AI/machine learning software engineer.

Lorne Ryburn portrait
Silas Sontag portrait

 Silas Sontag 

Silas is an editor, writer and musician. As a reader he enjoys all kinds of fiction, everything from literary fiction to sci-fi, fantasy, or LitRPG. He first got into publishing when Lorne introduced him to the online web serial community, and since then he has worked with Lorne Ryburn on her Menocht Loop and Apex Predator series. As an editor, Silas wants to help authors achieve their potential, through refining their craft and taking their stories to the next level!


Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Silas grew up all over Europe and the United States.

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