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Wish Upon the Stars

Malcolm Tent

Grant wishes. Gain stats and skills. Outpace the competition.

In Unity territory, power and public perception go hand-in-hand, empowering an elite class of cultivators. For most, becoming a cultivator – a superhero or supervillain – is impossible.

On his 18th birthday, Shane receives a cryptic message from his absentee father that puts everything he’s known into question. Shane learns that he has the bloodline of the Wishmaster, the most powerful criminal in the universe... and that he has the ability to grant people’s wishes.

The more Shane experiments with his wish granting ability, the more incredible it seems. The road of cultivation is difficult, requiring time and resources. By granting wishes, Shane can gain skills, items, and stat points. His growth potential seems limitless.

The Wishmaster has many descendants, so the competition to succeed him is steep. Until Shane is strong enough, staying hidden is imperative. But Shane is determined to get strong – fast.

His plan?

Progress through the ranks of heroes while concealing the true source of his powers.

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