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The Centennial Dungeon: Pygilist

Harish R. Bharadwaj a.k.a MageRambler

100 people enter the dungeon. Only one is crowned Centurion.

Every century, the dungeon awakens and drags people from different worlds into a fight for their survival. The natives of the new world, Viz, equip the summoned with powerful artifacts, then send them into the dungeon. After millennia of dungeon crawls, the challenge is considered fairly safe – most summoned survive their ordeal and integrate into their new world.

Parth is a boxer from Earth who lost everything – his family, his career, his inner fire. The dungeon’s summoning is a new beginning. Especially when he achieves the highest synchronization rate on record with a powerful magical artifact.

But the nobility wield the summoned competitors as chess pieces in their political games, and Parth’s strength makes him one of the most valuable pawns of all. Threats are everywhere, both monsters and men.

But Parth is done with losing. And his path to victory may have far greater consequences than he could ever imagine.

Book 2


Coming 4/18/24

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