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Nowhere Stars


Liadain will consume as many monsters as it takes to secure her eternity.

Born with a terminal illness, Liadain's sole wish is to live forever. Instead, shortly after her thirteenth birthday, fate confines her to hospice care.

She only has one hope for salvation.

A select number of children are chosen to become Keepers. In exchange for powerful magic, they must fend off Harbingers—fearsome entities that feed on dreams, desires, and souls. By vanquishing enough Harbingers, Keepers can transcend their human limitations.

To become a Keeper is a pipe dream. That is, until a fateful night brings Liadain face to face with a monster more menacing than death itself. An unexpected savior presents her with a choice.

Her decision sets her on the path of violence.

As she tears salvation from the hearts of monsters, she can't help but wonder—

is their hunger really so different from her own?

Book 1


Coming 5/11/24

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Book 2


Coming 6/20/24

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