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Nameless Sovereign

Nameless Author

Gods. Devils. Men. Red will surpass them all.

The guards say there are no children in the Moonstone Mines, a place walked only by men condemned to slavery and death. An unyielding curse ensures none can depart its dark depths.

And yet, a child named Red awakens in the mines with no memory. Haunted by enigmatic dreams, he melds with the slaves, enthralled by tales of the world above. He learns how to cultivate and hunt the deadly monsters that infest the mines, but escape remains an impossibility.

Until escape is the only option left.

However, the path to freedom is steeped in peril. With the weight of the curse and a growing demonic corruption within, Red's pursuit of strength isn't just a desire—it's a desperate necessity. He must rise to unimaginable heights, outpacing the curse's deadly grasp and taming the demonic power before it consumes him.

Accompany Red as he grows from a mere slave into a man who will forever change the world around him. Gods, devils, and even darker adversaries rise to challenge his ascent to the pinnacle of power.

Only by mastering the dark forces that threaten to overtake him can he truly be free.

Book 1


Coming Late 2023

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