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Desert in Dark

An epic LitRPG-cultivation apocalypse

Earth is initiated,
and Alistair finds
himself in a dangerous
new world...

On a day like any other, an alien descends to Earth, unleashing untold death and destruction.

Alistair watches the live news footage of the carnage, his eyes glued to the image of impossible power made manifest.

The alien’s arrival kicks events into motion that no one could have predicted. Earth is prematurely initiated into a universe-spanning empire of cut-throat cultivators, beasts, and entities of ungodly power – all guided by a mysterious AI System.

The System’s first quest? Kill someone.

Amidst the chaos, Alistair must make a choice. Will he fight for the sake of power, or stand against the forces of evil?

His decision will alter the threads of destiny.

Separated from his family and friends, Alistair must find his way through a new world where power is obtained through conflict – and cultivation leads to the insurmountable Peak.

Whatever it takes, he will secure his own path to eternity.

Dive into a cultivation story with LitRPG apocalypse elements, including classes, skills, monster waves, and a progression system full of secrets and possibilities. Perfect for fans of Defiance of the Fall and The Primal Hunter.

A top serial on Royal Road, now professionally edited and available on Amazon and Audible narrated by Daniel Wisniewski. Buy a copy or read free with Kindle Unlimited today!

What people are saying:
★★★★★ “I don't usually read cultivation stories, but if most of them are up to this standard, I may just have to change my mind.
★★★★★ “Cultivation LitRPG at its finest.”
★★★★★ “A very approachable cultivation fiction... this as a perfect gateway for those of us who don't normally read within th
e genre.”

Here at Timeless Wind Publishing, we love sci-fi and fantasy—progression fantasy, power fantasy, LitRPG, time loops, cultivation, system apocalypse...genre fiction of all kinds! We're prolific readers within these genres and endeavor to bring awesome books into the limelight. Read more
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