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Desert in Dark

Nowhere Stars: A Magical Girl Light Novel

Liadain never dreamed of being a hero.

Trapped in a failing body, she's learned to expect nothing from life except pain and disappointment. She knows better than to hope for a miracle.


When an unexpected savior offers her the power to become a Keeper, she's torn between the allure of survival and the fear that she’s just trading one pain-filled existence for another.


To Liadain’s horror, becoming a Keeper doesn’t cure her illness—it turns it into a weapon, one that will inevitably end her. Only by hunting fearsome Harbingers that feed on dreams, desires, and souls can she outpace her own deadly magic.


The Harbingers feed on pain… but her hunger may be even greater.

Nowhere Stars is a top 10 best-rated serialized light novel on Royal Road with thousands of followers and over half a million views. Now illustrated and professionally edited on Amazon and Audible!

Here at Timeless Wind Publishing, we love sci-fi and fantasy—progression fantasy, power fantasy, LitRPG, time loops, cultivation, system apocalypse... genre fiction of all kinds! We're prolific readers within these genres and endeavor to bring awesome books into the limelight. Read more
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