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Desert in Dark

An epic ancient cultivation fantasy

The Heavens Fear



Defiant, the virtuous cultivator ascends.


Lio Aetos is the Young Aristocrat and heir apparent to a legendary Greek sect, a prodigious talent born and bred for glory.

Solus is a slave, a disgraced patrician from the fallen city of Rome with nothing to his name.

They're as different as the East is from the West. Yet both of them hunger—to cast off the threads of Fate they’ve been given. To reach for a higher purpose.

In this world of ruined empires and long-forgotten gods, the Young Aristocrat and the Son of Rome share an unyielding conviction. As brothers, they will face tribulations and climb the divine mountain of Olympus.

It is a mad thing.

It is utterly against the will of the Fates.

It is cultivation.

It’s the mark that every philosopher bears plainly on their soul.

Ingeniously combining xianxia and cultivation elements within the world of Ancient Greece, Y.B. Striker brings a fresh take on progression fantasy that is brimming with wit, adventure and larger-than-life characters.

A top rated novel on Royal Road with millions of views, now edited and featuring all-new interior art. Buy a copy or read free with Kindle Unlimited today!

What people are saying:
★★★★★ “Virtuous Sons is in the running for the most ambitious story published on Royal Road. It's a melding of Xianxia tropes and the ancient Western world, done in such a seamless way that you wonder why nobody has done it before.”
★★★★★ “Prodigious story crafting.”
★★★★★ “The story is jam-packed with badass characters, impactful moments, and fresh takes in an otherwise oversaturated, repetitive genre.”

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