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Wish Upon the Stars

Malcolm Tent

The hunt for the next Wishmaster has begun.


The Wishmaster Curse Palace, the largest criminal organization in the multiverse, seeks its new successor. On Shane's eighteenth birthday, his dormant Wishmaster bloodline awakens, making him a potential heir to the organization's legacy.


In Unity territory, power and public perception go hand-in-hand, empowering an elite class of superheroes and supervillains. Shane must progress through the ranks of heroes to harness his wish-granting abilities. With the help of newfound allies, Shane must showcase acts of heroism to climb the hierarchy, all while concealing the true source of his powers.


Shane's first major challenge? Unmask the high-profile murderer preying on high-tier heroes, each with cultivation levels beyond his own.

In this high-stakes game of secrets and deception, every move could be his last.

Book 1

Wish Upon the Stars book 1 by Malcolm Tent

COMING July 2023

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