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The Arrival of Dhana

Peter Tome

Adam has been selected to enter a new world.

When an alien listening station picks up a message from Earth, an envoy is sent out to prepare the planet for first contact. Earth is to be introduced to Dhana, a galaxy-spanning virtual world controlled by the mysterious alien Overlords.

Adam is the first chosen to enter Dhana’s tutorial. Trapped in an unfamiliar world without his memories, he must fight alongside other people plucked from Earth in a race to grow stronger and uncover the secret purpose of the Overlords.

Encountering brutal monsters, elusive gods and a cryptic AI, Adam must face an unsettling thought – what if the greatest danger in Dhana are the other players?

As Adam progresses in power, his alien handlers observe and react. They have total control over the system of Dhana… or do they?

Hopefully they haven’t underestimated humanity…

Book 1


Coming Late 2023

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