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Ends of Magic

Alexander Olson a.k.a Salk's Disciple

Book 1

Ends of Magic book cover by Alexander Olson

fall 2023

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After a long day in the lab, Nathan is summoned to the magical world of davrar.


Nathan Lark wished for magic at every birthday until his teens.

Summoned to a fantasy realm by an Archmage keen on discussing Earth's technology, Nathan can finally leave his stem cell biology dissertation behind. But his newfound freedom comes with a dilemma. In a world where magic is wielded by oppressors, Nathan must choose between magical power and his moral compass.

As he grapples with his decision, Nathan must confront the question: will he merely survive in the world of Davrar or strive to change it? Ends of Magic is a captivating high fantasy tale where magic is both a blessing and a curse.

Journey with Nathan as he forges friendships and rivalries, uncovering the rich history and diverse inhabitants of a realm unlike our own.

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